Africa Calling

Start Date: January 1, 2019
End Date: December 31, 2020

Africa Calling

Africas’ calls are distinctive and bring awe as one listens. Yet Africa is more than a place, but a people who are distinctively beautiful. We are called to this continent of people by an awesome Person to be involved in His mission to bring wholeness to its people because our God loves them enough to have died for them.


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Overland in our vehicle from Agulhas, South Africa to Berlin, Germany, visiting ministries, people, coffee farms, churches and more; having interviews, meeting and speaking with various people groups, learning from them and guiding them in the ways we can best meet their needs through business in using our varied gifts. Having started and built a business involving coffee and a passion for water access and sanitation, we are looking to highlight and investigate how these resources can be better stewarded through economics and business. We will eventually settle somewhere that we will call home and where we can leave a lasting impact legacy.




Business shapes and changes nations, economies, societies and its people. Business as Mission is one of the ways God uses to bring about His Kingdom while at the same time making holistic impact economically, socially and environmentally. The integration of these four bottom lines can only come about through authentic, ethical business, which results in holistic Life change. We enjoy business, and having made impact in our country of origin for 3 years we have felt purposeful in giving most it away and mentoring the new owner to survive, grow and thrive. We would like to continue this ongoing mentoring with small business owners, yet the possibilities of exactly how this looks like are vast.


Adventures are usually not isolated events without other people being involved.


Please would you adventure with us in our Africa Calling?


We require your financial support for monthly fuel, insurance, medical and other related expenses (visa’s, inoculations etc) as well as some food for the road. In some countries we will be doing volunteer work through workaway.info as a means of living which will cover a portion of our accommodation and 2 to 3 meals a day, until we find a place to settle and make impact. See our workaway profile here.


We have 18 000 kilometres to travel and we estimate that we require R17 or $1,23 or €1,08 per kilometre.


Please support us financially via the many options available below. For recurring monthly donations please set this up on your banking profile.


Thank you for partnering with us.

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