16 Mile Beach

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The run was simple – traverse the entire length of South Africa’s longest uninterrupted beach in one go, running in a straight line.

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Yet it’s not what we read on the maps of the line drawn with one’s GPS that determines the simplicity. With trail running, the more varied the terrain, the more vertical gain and losses there are, and the more places the line goes, the greater the adventure. Not so with this run.

Sometimes it’s in the so-called mundane of the consistency of what we do that adventure shows another side of itself. Such was the case in running the length of this beach. From the smallest of the details of Creation it held to the remoteness of its grandeur, as well as the fact that the line is curved due to the sheer length of coastline this beach covers, running 16 Mile Beach gave me lots to ponder as we navigate our way in Life. Enjoy this Tale:

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Starting just north of the West Coast town of Yzerfontein, this beach makes its way along and within the West Coast National Park to Tsaarsbank.

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The mists came and went, forming curtains. These made the beach seem shorter than what it was. It was only upon reflection on the days’ adventure in the 16 miles or 27.5 kilometres I continuously ran for just under 5 hours on uninterrupted sand, did I realise how long this beach is!

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The end came quicker than anticipated…

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When we reflect on what we think is mundane, sometimes we realise that it goes by quickly…how we come to that realisation often determines how much we are aware of or appreciate what we have, especially the small things in life.

IMG 4414Just being out there was such a joy!

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