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Adventure is the intersection of more than one experience at a time. Typically trail running evokes this well because of the terrain that it is experienced in doing what we love to do – running in an environment where we are not normally in everyday, often inaccessible and keeping one’s feet dancing over terrain that is as unpredictable as life is.

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Kili Trails, on the slopes of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, typifies an exceptional sweet spot that is so special that even a Tale post as this cannot bear testament to the adventure – an intersection of an experience into Africa Calling while making our way across the continent via vehicle from Cape Town:

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Held over the weekend of 1 to 2 February 2020, the Kilimanjaro Trails Festival incorporates an intersection of many an event in trail running and mountain biking as events to be enjoyed, not necessarily raced.


Forest Trails 15 K Run (Lisa)

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Rafiki 1 Mile Fun Run (Josiah)

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Kili Trails Half Marathon (Joseph)

IMG 6740Run entirely inside Kilimanjaro National Park, the half marathon was a particularly special privilege which required as much time as possible to enjoy. The run started at 3407 metres above sea level.

The question: “What race are you running?” is indicative of www.trailblazer.international How one answers this question provides a bit of a backdrop into what one lives for and to what end. Being told that this festival was not about a race at race briefing, but to be enjoyed for what it is provoked some thought into what racing is and changed the way I responded to the adventure and how I enjoyed the half marathon...

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Not part of the race: I could not resist the pull of the summit of Shira Peak at 3872 meters above sea level! At this point I was halfway in the field of starters and I took full advantage of the offer at race briefing to summit this high point.

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IMG 6823Abandoning my race finish position and a respectable finish time and knowing that I was to run a little more than a half marathon in distance, summiting Shira Peak was an added high point in more ways than one.

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How does the answer to the question: “What race are you running?” provide a backdrop into what one lives for and to what end? As we have adventured in Africa Calling, so we continually do so into the unknown without any predictability or clarity. This is Africa. We continue to step, taking the high points, while experiencing the path below us as hard oftentimes. Yet the grace to continue is always there to endure whatever comes our way. We step in answering the question for ourselves in seeking to do what’s on our hearts in impact in Africa (north of South Africa) we so love. The race is not done…

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What race are you running?

“brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labour is not in vain.” - 1 Corinthians 15:58

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