Boundary line

As we made our way to the start of the trail we spoke to a local who said he was from West Germany. This confirmed what we were thinking: that with every idea there is always a consequence.


The Berlin Wall in Germany was such an idea that has led to numerous consequences, even today. This consequence led us to explore this 50km long vast section of the Berlin Wall Trail on a bike, all the while being intrigued by this boundary line that runs through the centre of Germany’s capital, Berlin. 

This Tale tells our Tale along the Berlin Wall Trail.

                               Today, roads and tramways cut through this line all over Berlin…

                               Sections of the Berlin Wall still stand – a sombre reminder…

                               The Berlin Wall used to pass in front of the Brandenburg Gate, central Berlin.

                               The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km stretch of the Berlin Wall still intact which is an international memorial for freedom.

                               Dotted along the line at various points, reminders along the way keep us from forgetting the consequences.

While the wall is gone, the memories and consequences are not forgotten…

Sojourning so far GermanySojourning so far.

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