Cederberg Traverse 100 km – 5 October 2019

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Raw. Rugged. Relative. The word that best explains the terrain of Cederberg Wilderness Area in the Western Cape of South Africa is raw. Its rocks and relentless shapes that form its horizons scream the bareness of Creation that points towards its Maker in vast magnitude.

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The Cederberg Traverse 100 kilometer Trail Run is underpinned by rugged terrain that kept my feet dancing for just over a continuous 24 hours and an accumulative ascent over this distance of 5000 meters into the sky.

This post tells the Tale of this 100 km Ultra Trail Run that usually has about a 50 percent participant dropout rate, where distance one covers is not relative to the hours one spends out there and where no matter how much pain I felt and all that went with completing this iconic race, it had no bearing on what went into the preparation that equated to finishing it. It was relative. So are most things in life.

71936947 2821405021204639 843009218716893184 oKeeping the course in memory with the aid of the race director, although I did refer to a map a few times while out there. Understanding the course is important as missing the trail in the Cederberg is a common occurrence, especially at night…

IMG 0532Quiet confidence…it took 18 months to get to this point involving injury, no running for 5 months, a load of patience and training which included somewhat of a holistic lifestyle adjustment.

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The Cederberg is characterised by its striking rock formations which keeps one relative in comparison to their awe. The race route first encountered the Wolfberg Cracks.

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IMG 0546

IMG 0549

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71878047 2483026655099799 3242285341624762368 oThe Wolfberg Arch is one of those iconic Cederberg rock formations which never fails to impress. It was simply a privilege to run by it.

IMG 0555

IMG 0572

IMG 0580

IMG 0584

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IMG 0606

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As the race wore on, including my body, so the day grew hotter. This exposed section proved to be somewhat of a decider as temperatures reached 36 degrees Celsius…with no shelter, water, wind or place to turn, except ahead, keeping it relative in my head. Clanwilliam Dam in the background.

IMG 0628

IMG 0637Keeping it relative. At 67 kilometers body swelling noticeable in the hands becomes the norm, as I spent large chunks of time within 30 minutes behind or ahead of fellow runner R. Carver, especially in this night section until the finish line.

71881753 2818586641486477 5018379035781103616 o84 kilometers - Maltese Cross. I remember being irate that I was not smiling for this picture soon after I left here. I am glad I did, although I did not really feel like it at the time. Temperatures dropped to around 5 degrees Celcius with some wind so it was chilly.

71803722 2813589641986177 2399734108155543552 nDone. I really was happy at this point! For many reasons, and one being for completing 100 kilometers on one of the most incredible trail races traversed (photo: Energy Events).

For results visit here.

It was a fitting way to end a wonderful year of trail runs and races in South Africa as we headed north into Africa from the Cederberg on Africa Calling!

Africa Calling – stepping
Light Trail legacy – 31 August 2019

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