Coffee, science?

Some of our supporters of relational artisan coffee think coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. Not all things are seemingly what they seem to be simply because no matter which way we look at that thing, numbers, facts and figures cannot and do not tell the full story. Is it science? There’s more to a cup of coffee…


This Tale highlights our stewardship of Creation by exposing the chosen roaster Trailblazer Trailer uses as we make a difference to peoples lives one cup at a time. Usually the difference made would be to those who drink the cups of coffee which we brew – which Trailblazer Trailer does, but this difference is also made at the origin where this coffee is grown.

“What coffee are you using?” This common question is usually answered with the mentioned origin the particular beans come from that we brew. Together with Science of Coffee, Trailblazer Trailer supports these origins and makes a difference.

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More than agronomy, coffee is extensively handled, sorted and inspected for defects by people. By supporting the origins, we support the people who cultivate the coffee plantations, increasing yield and quality and ultimately their livelihoods. The coffee we brew is roasted by Science of Coffee….


Science of Coffee are more than scientists. They epitomise more than branding or a coffee culture, but precision in sourcing, roasting and knowledge from ground to cup. This is backed by exceptional service, attention to detail and relationship which is evident in where their and our hearts lie – the farmers of the coffee’s they source.

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What’s behind the Latte art of your cup of coffee? Is it the view? The interior of your local cafe? Or is it about the people who hand picked and sorted each bean to ensure optimum quality? Maybe you don’t drink coffee, then, what legacy are you leaving behind with what you have been given?

Trailblazer Trailer specialises in the artisanal craft brewing of this coffee. It’s more than science…its relational artisan coffee.

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” – Genesis 2:15

What coffee race are you running?

Cape Town Cycle Tour 109 km via BMX – 11 March 201...

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