The photographs we post are untouched and unedited. Yet they are still limited. Limited because even edited photographs are unable to tell the true Tales behind them. Every one of us has Tales behind us to be told, yet how edited are they?

This Tale is posted during a particular low-down for Joseph. Unable to run due to an injury, Lisa enjoys the shorter version of the Grootvadersbosch 15 km Trail Run in the low down hills and forests of its Nature Reserve and Conservancy – one of 9 world Heritage Sites in South Africa.

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Hands-on: race number placement is important!

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The higher slopes of the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy boast a blanket of snow at this time of year.

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Elephant mountain is characteristic in the background.

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Whether its a low-down or a low down trail run, pictures often do not tell the true Tale behind them. There’s usually more – more lessons and beauty to be experienced that can only happen if one is present. This was the case here, as are all our Tales.

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