Living the Life

Sometimes dreams are realised, other times they always remain a dream. Then again, sometimes we don’t even know we living the dream. What am I talking about? Each of our journeys have unique reasons behind them…and usually they centre around something we want, think we need or desire that would hit a sweet spot. Once this sweet spot is realised we then feel purposeful and then we think we living, living the life.


No blur – cooking and eating pots used for dinner time on the remote Croatian island of Mljet, July 2015.

As much as this is true in many ways, it also brings about a certain misconception that this life we think we want, is not actually what brings about the purposeful living. Perhaps it’s the adventure, perhaps the excitement at the risk needed to achieve such a life, or perhaps it’s just the joy of what we do best and are gifted at that brings about purposeful living. Whatever it is, the search for the purposeful sweet spot always seems to be an elusive goal which we never seem to attain. Or is it not?


Stories around the fire – Formosa Hut, Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape, South Africa, April 2016.

As much as I am aware as writing this, I am aware that living the lifestyle is as in need of a backward look as much as it is achieving it. What I mean by this is by striving to achieve that lifestyle by doing and gaining more, we are in fact actually losing it. Having more, having a better ‘face’ for outward and public approval and seeking the affirmation in having ‘made it’, one is in effect putting oneself into more and more of a situation where striving for this lifestyle never stops and becomes more and more unattainable.


Favourite beach for our favoured hot beverage – Hout Bay, Cape Town (usually Sunday afternoons).

It’s an oxymoron, but the more one tries to gain, the more one protects oneself, the more one secures oneself and the more one tries to feel and make oneself safer, the more and more insecure and dissatisfied one becomes.


The best meal goes especially well with sunrise at camp – Plaasmol Campsite, Hopefield, South Africa, August 2016.

There is no apology for this type of living – it’s something everyone struggles with; yet, on the flip side of the coin, still strives for it! What is the lifestyle, how do we attain it and how should we dream?

“Dream big”, “aim high”, “never stop believing” are phases one hears a lot today. How about “dream differently”? How does this achieve that life? It requires a different look, a different approach. Simply, it is being and living differently. What does different look like? Well, that’s another Tale…

Jesus said: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” – John 14:6

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