Sweet Spot – Dusk to Dawn

A sweet spot is the place where one finds oneself that makes sense, usually within a combination of factors at one time. In our case these were trail running, brewing coffee and camping. Purpose? Perhaps.


The annual Dusk & Dawn National Institute for the Deaf Trail Runs take place just outside of the town of Worcester, about 1.5 hours drive from Cape Town. Trailblazer Trailer, specialising in relational artisan coffee, spent from dusk to dawn adding value to trail runners for a cause, with camping on the spot as our preferred refuge for the night. This post tells that Tale of a combination.


Taking place over two days with dusk runs on a Friday evening, we knew we were in for something special being situated in the Karoo National Botanical Gardens and the trail runs taking place in the mountains just behind us.


Adding value to events such as this always have a special place in our hearts. The combination of brewing artisanal cups of coffee for people who share the same passion of experiencing the adventure of running mountain trails right where they are at hits that sweet spot.


It was a case of erecting our tent right next to our Trailer as our refuge for the night . Moments like these take our breath away and help us realise that the sweet spot is about purpose.


It was a 4:30am start at dawn, reminding us of trail runs we do; but necessary for serving relational artisan coffee for trail runners arriving early on that Saturday morning.


What added to this joy was our interaction with those runners who cannot hear with their ears, but hear with their eyes – eyes that wear their smiles in unspeakable joy…


Purpose? Yes, purpose – for people.


“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” – Romans 8:28

What race are you running?

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