Explorer: Ultra-Trail Cape Town 21 km – 28 November 2021

Connection. Besides the evocative adventure trail running provides over terrain that is ...

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Trailblazer begs the answer to the question: “What race are you running?” In so doing it...

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Trail running involves responses every moment as one navigates where to put one’s feet, ...

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Journal: Jethro Journeys

A personal journal entry of the journey with Jethro written by Lisa: “The heart of man p...

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Africa Calling – Formosa

Formosa: beautiful. Aptly so named and described respectively by renown explorer of anti...

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Africa Calling – expedition

One of the things we like about running inaugural trail races for the first time is the ...

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This is Africa

Traversing most of the continent of Africa and crossing the Equator into the northern he...

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Crossing the Equator felt like crossing the finish line of a long, hard race. But it was...

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Africa Calling – Lake

Islands. Alone, yet paramount to the flourishing of the continent, Africa’s lakes boast ...

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Life is Living

“Why am I doing this?” is a question I ask myself more than once when running a trail ra...

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Africa Calling – mission Man

There is not much surface left of our planet which has not been travelled, traversed, di...

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Africa Calling – passage

Passage is a privilege no matter where one finds oneself, and this is highlighted throug...

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Africa Calling – stepping

Trail running involves stepping, sometimes taking bigger steps than what is necessary or...

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(running) Circles in the Forest Trail Run – 10 August 2019

Running is repetitive. One step in front of the other. We keep moving forwards but never...

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Fish River (Ultra) revisited – 15 June 2019

Running a race is very different to volunteering at one. The former is an event, the lat...

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Agulhas wreck

Travel evokes a place of where one would go. Together with this, adventure travel evokes...

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Trailblazer Trailer – Table

Creating Trailblazer Trailer was not an end in mind. Usually with small businesses there...

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addo elephant trail run 44 km – 16 March 2019

Most special moments cannot be orchestrated. Such a moment was had on this well-known Ul...

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treading lightly

Trail Running requires adaptation to the terrain one runs on. This terrain usually varie...

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Coffee, science?

Some of our supporters of relational artisan coffee think coffee is the second...

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