What we like about Trailblazing is the discovery of something we never knew existed unti...

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Trailblazer begs the answer to the question: “What race are you running?” In so doing it...

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Trailblazer Trailer – Table

Creating Trailblazer Trailer was not an end in mind. Usually with small businesses there...

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printer barista

“What do you do?” is a common question one asks when one meets someone for the first tim...

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Trailblazer Trailer – Travel

Hits – it’s what a post like this gets a lot of simply because the word ‘travel’ exists ...

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Sweet Spot – Dusk to Dawn

A sweet spot is the place where one finds oneself that makes sense, usually within a com...

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Trailblazer Trailer – Artisan

It’s more than artisan – its Creation, with care and mostly love. It’s not in the art! A...

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Trailblazer Trailer – Relationship

What is in a relationship? It is said that the coffee beans’ journey is likened to ...

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Living the Life

Sometimes dreams are realised, other times they always remain a dream. Then again, somet...

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Trailblazer Trailer – Redemption

To make new. That’s this Tale. Simply put, Trailblazer Trailer exists to this end. It’s ...

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What determines a coffee culture?

This longer-than-usual Tale takes a deep look into why coffee is drunk the way it is in ...

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Common language – Marathon Trail Sierra Norte

By the time we arrived in Spain, we had got used to navigating through the language barr...

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Railroad Coffee – szklarka BISTRO

Just north of the Czech Republic border and 70 kilometres east of the German border ther...

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Crossing Borders – Relationships Matter

The title gives it away – it’s all about relationships. Sojourning 2015  has enable...

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Coffee Treat – the Cookie Factory

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital and city of blue, is well known for the invention of the crava...

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Coffee revelations – Coffee House Patmos

Situated in the Dodacanese complex of islands, Eastern Greece, the island called Pa...

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Sojourning – what it’s really like

Things aren’t always what they seem. Without intent, our Tales, mostly shown through pho...

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Coffee Delight – Coffeedocia

Being driven in a dolmuş (a SA equivalent of a taxi, but not quite) down a valley i...

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Cypriot Meandering

Laidback. That pretty much sums up Cyprus. With the history we were after, we managed to...

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Coffee Fix – Cofix

It was hot, very hot. Not only this, but sojourning through our forth country in as many...

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