Africa Calling – mission Man

There is not much surface left of our planet which has not been travelled, traversed, di...

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Cederberg Traverse 100 km – 5 October 2019

Raw. Rugged. Relative. The word that best explains the terrain of Cederberg Wilderness A...

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Light Trail legacy – 31 August 2019

How much will we be remembered in 150 years from now? With some self-reflection, probabl...

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(running) Circles in the Forest Trail Run – 10 August 2019

Running is repetitive. One step in front of the other. We keep moving forwards but never...

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Fish River (Ultra) revisited – 15 June 2019

Running a race is very different to volunteering at one. The former is an event, the lat...

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16 Mile Beach

The run was simple – traverse the entire length of South Africa’s longest uninterrupted ...

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Agulhas wreck

Travel evokes a place of where one would go. Together with this, adventure travel evokes...

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addo elephant trail run 44 km – 16 March 2019

Most special moments cannot be orchestrated. Such a moment was had on this well-known Ul...

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Grootvadersbosch low-down – 8 July 2018

The photographs we post are untouched and unedited. Yet they are still limited. Limited ...

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Run Wind Park

We do not know where wind comes from, yet stewarding its effect principally brings about...

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Ocean2Ocean 50 km Trail Run – 28 April 2018

One of the best things for us when we run trails is the awareness of the realness of our...

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Cape Town Cycle Tour 109 km via BMX – 11 March 2018

58 kilometres per hour/36 miles per hour. That was my top speed while traversing the 109...

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Resembling a hanging mountain, its peak precariously points towards its mirrored counter...

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Summit Playground

Insignificant. That’s how we sometimes feel when we stand atop a mountain summit and loo...

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Free Running

What is it like to run free? To run and run and never be held back? These questions coul...

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Journal: GR20 Corsica

We have been privileged to have hiked, trekked, climbed and run on some of the most uniq...

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Featherbed/Phoenix Trail Run – 11 July 2017

It was one of those beautifully clear, icy mornings along South Africa’s Garden Route. Y...

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New Trailblazer

Comparisons – we all make them, all the time. We compare one trail from another, places ...

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La Mont Trail

Simplicity: a waterfall and a mountain. These words describe such a treat a trail brings...

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Ultra-Trail Cape Town 65 km – 10 December 2016

It’s not about the distance. Sure, 65 kilometres is a long way…a long way to run, not ju...

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