Untold Ultra – Fish River Canyon 100 km

Like water having carved the deep Fish River Canyon in the arid Namibian landscape – the...

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printer barista

“What do you do?” is a common question one asks when one meets someone for the first tim...

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Journal: Jesus Trail

Consider yourself privileged if you are reading this. That’s how we felt traversing the ...

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Free Running

What is it like to run free? To run and run and never be held back? These questions coul...

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Bringing the World home

For the past 14 months we have experienced the people of Dominican Republic, England, Bu...

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Living the Life

Sometimes dreams are realised, other times they always remain a dream. Then again, somet...

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Tracks. It’s where one goes and what one leaves behind. Also known as Trailblazing, trac...

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What determines a coffee culture?

This longer-than-usual Tale takes a deep look into why coffee is drunk the way it is in ...

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Welcome the World

We were welcomed in Matan’s home in Jerusalem, Teoni’s home in Batumi, Lineke’s hom...

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Crossing Borders – Relationships Matter

The title gives it away – it’s all about relationships. Sojourning 2015  has enable...

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Sojourning – what it’s really like

Things aren’t always what they seem. Without intent, our Tales, mostly shown through pho...

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Turkey – The Other Side

Generally, tourists stick out. This is no less true for Eastern Turkey, or what we call ...

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Jesus Trail

Tales are easy to read. Even writing a Tale is somewhat easy. Yet, some Tales are not so...

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Coffee Fix – Cofix

It was hot, very hot. Not only this, but sojourning through our forth country in as many...

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Dana Biosphere

Just a little further North from Wadi Rum, lies an expansive reserve known as Dana Biosp...

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Coffee Break – Dubai Coffee Museum

  Nestled amongst a souk in the original part of the city of Dubai, so this small, ...

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A journey within a journey – sojourning…

What’s in a title? What does it mean? It is this very title that has come about by our o...

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Coffee Break / Journeying Part 2

Every journey requires a break, or does it not? This journey as outlined in Coffee Journ...

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Coffee Journeying

Yes, that’s the title; it’s as simple as that – the journey in finding the best, most si...

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