Trailblazer Trailer – Table

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Creating Trailblazer Trailer was not an end in mind. Usually with small businesses there is a desire for growth, which enables survival, driven by profit. Principally, these three attributes are key to a business’ purpose. Usually.


With Trailblazer Trailer, which specialises in relational artisan coffee we have realised that there is so much more to just profit, survival and growth. Trailblazer Trailer has enabled us to create with what we have, use our skills, steward these all, think small to make measured impact and scale for lasting legacy in passing it on. This has brought us so much joy and with this joy we have felt so purposeful.

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This Tale showcases a celebration – one where our Creator’s purpose goes deeper than for what we see or perceivably glean from work, but rather for a purpose of and for people. This is more than profit, but a privilege!

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Trailblazer Trailer has always been on the move from location to location. There was a need to be a little more static, yet still remain movable. Trailblazer Trailer - Table was created for this purpose at a designated location in Cape Town. This was not the end in mind…

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We knew there was more purpose to Trailblazer Trailer - Table, and that was to pass it on to someone we knew had a passion to steward his own.

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IMG 2340 23JCN from East Africa – steward of The Grace Café.

Agulhas wreck
addo elephant trail run 44 km – 16 March 2019

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