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Hits – it’s what a post like this gets a lot of simply because the word ‘travel’ exists in its title. While travel is brilliant and we all desire so much more of it, the more we get the more it never quite satisfies this zeal inside of us.


This Tale is about Trailblazer Trailer, specialising in relational artisan coffee doing what it does best – travelling to and from places with a coffee machine and making a difference, one cup at a time:


Travel is about movement, transportation from one point to another and usually, back again to that original point. Creatures of our habitats, travel is that line between the points we exist at. What does that line represent?

There is another side to travel – as much as it is enticing in its adventurous essence, it comes at an ominous cost as some sort of energy is usually expended in copious amounts. Self-inflicting discomfort, travel has a way of taking away from us, yet adding lessons that no money can buy…just add distance, a bit of time and a trailer.

IMG 6596Movement necessitates the need for regular maintenance of the trailer.


We often get the question: “So where are you based?”, perhaps from a perception that something more concrete exists out of a permanent physical property that houses a café. We usually answer with: “wherever you need us to be!”



Trailblazer Trailer is about that movement, about going places few would venture to, trying new things and stepping…out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Trailblazer Trailer is not located in a permanent location. After making a difference to people’s lives at one location, we move on to the next one, and like a vacated campsite, no one would have known we were there.

IMG 7959Line intersections of travel and mountains.


So, what is it about travel that continues to entice? What is it about that line? It’s more than the excitement it brings – it’s a purposeful existence to an end we can only experience as we move along it – the journey.


What travel race are you running?

Summit Playground
Free Running


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